Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hamming it Up for the Camera

Today, Braddock and I took a stroll to the park in Payson. He absolutely
loved it! There was a little boy swinging next to him and he thought that was
the funniest thing ever. When Braddock was swinging back, the boy would be
swinging forward. Everytime they passed each other, Braddock would crack up.
He sure made me laugh! You gotta love him!
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Three Men and the Little Lady

Can you say PATHETIC? I asked them to smile and this is what they give me.
It looks like something that would be on the front of a punk rock cd or something.
Oh well, I love em still. Anyway, if you didn't know already, my little brother
Jerry and his cool friend Derrek moved up here for the summer. My husband
recently started a business known as Epps Restoration, LLC - basically it entails
restoring sites that have been damaged by flood or fire. To make a long story short,
Jim hired on the boys for the summer. They have been AWESOME so far. I'm going
to be bummed out when they leave (even though they stink up my bathroom, raid
my fridge, and smell funny). I guess I shouldn't dwell on them leaving already.
Afterall, they just got here 2 days ago!!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

10 Reasons Why Hallie & Livvi Should Be In Utah

A couple of weeks ago my sister Jenna called me and told me that Hallie
and Livvi might be coming up to Utah for about a month to visit their aunties
and uncles. I've been looking forward to it since then and was bummed out
when I found out my sister Jacey (Hallie & Livvi's mom) changed her mind.
So, I thought there could be a possible tiny chance that Jacey might reconsider
if I took a lot of time out of my busy stressful day to make a blog for them.
I've made 10 Good Reasons why Hallie & Livvi should be in Utah.

Reason #1: They would have a free ride up. Even though they would have to
share a seatbelt, it wouldn't be too bad. The truck is a lot wider than
my SUV, so they wouldn't be too crammed. Plus, they would have
Jerry, Derek, and Braddock for entertainment. Jim and I can be fun
too sometimes.
Reason #2: They need to get to know their cousins. They haven't even met
Big H and Little J yet. Braddock, Jack, and Henry need to be more
than just people in a photo to them. (that was kind of cheesy what I
said but oh well)
Reason #3: Lafonda and Buckley need friends.
Reason #4: Jim just told me that he'll make sure he buys them gummy bears
morning, noon, and night (and for midnight snacks).
Reason #5: There is so many cool places for them to go and see. Jenna wants
to start walking over to Bridal Veil Falls. There's a trail you walk up
and you get a great view of the falls. There is always kids playing up
there. It's sweet! I went yesterday.
Reason #6: Have you ever seen Alyssa with her nieces and nephews? (obviously
you have) Anyway, she's in love! She gives the boys way too much
attention. She'll be the same way with the girls.
Reason #7: We have a bunch of chickens and rabbits in our backyard. I never
hang out with them. Someone needs to.
Reason #8: Jacey will have two less kids at her house which means a little more time
to catch up on whatever she needs to.
Reason #9: They'll have a month long out-of-town vacation. I've never even had that.
Reason #10: Last, but not least, Jenna, Phil, Alyssa, Jerry, Derek, and I would have
a fantastic time with them.
So there's your 10 reasons. I have like 300 more to put down, but that would take up my whole
blog. If any of you feel the same way I feel, please make a comment. If you don't feel the same
way, please keep your opinions to yourself. Thanks!! Hope you change your mind, Jace!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Three Things

Three Things I am Afraid Of:
1. Murderers
2. Rapists
3. Molesters
Three Things That Make Me Laugh:
1. Braddock
2. Geico Commercials (especially the caveman at the airport)
3. The cute little black kid on Baby Macdonald who break dances
Three Things I Love:
1. My Boys
2. Feeling Sore After Working Out
3. Being outside in Utah when it's sunny and 70 degrees
4. Making Love (Jim requested I put this :) )
Three Things I Hate:
1. Lettuce
2. MY unfinished house
3. People who are two-faced
Three Things I don't Understand:
1. Why my blog always makes gaps in between the posts.
(thanks jenna for fixing them)
2. People who work, so they can pay for their kids to go todaycare. ??????????
3. Grownups who are still stuck in high school.
Three Things on My Counter:
1. Banana Bread
2. Special K Cereal
3. Apple Spice Febreze Spray
Three Things I'm Doing Right Now:
1. Typing
2. Watching 2 News @ 5
3. Getting ready to go to a recipe party
Three Things I want to do before I die:
1. Serve a mission with Jim
2. Run a marathon
3. Know all of my grandkids
Three Things I Can do:
1. Play the Piano
2. Carry a bucket of bricks up my stairs (the joys of remodeling)
3. Beat Jim at a game of pool
Three Things I Can't do:
1. Paint Walls
( i know, i know....... it should be easy, but i can't do it)
2. Run on a treadmill - I hate it. There's no destination!
3. Mow the lawn - I think I use this more as an excuse :)
Three Things I'd Like to Learn:
1. How to do Indexing for my Anscestors
2. How to Paint Walls the Right Way
3. Sign Language
Three of My Favorite Foods:
1. Great Grains Cereal with Ice Cold Skim Milk
2. Carrabbas' Pollo Rosa Maria
3. Corn on the Cob
Three Shows I Watched as a Kid:
1. Saved by the Bell
2. Bob Ross (my mom made me right before naptime)
3. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Three Things I Want In the Next Five Years:
1. My house to be completely done
2. A baby girl
3. A vacation to Hawaii
*Note: If you have a blog and you just read my "3 Things", feel obligated to put "3 Things" about you on your
site. It's a blast!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Other Mother

Isnt She Glorious??!! A couple of weeks ago, our stupid electric dryer
died, so we were going to use another dryer that we had that was gas.
We didn't have gas hooked up in the laundry room, so Jim said he would
go and buy the parts for it. Well the day he went to pick up the parts was
also our anniversary. Instead of just buying the parts, he also bought me
a new stainless steel stackable washer and dryer. Besides Jim, Braddock,
the gospel, and all of my other family and friends, this is one of the best
things that has ever happened to me! I call her the Other Mother because
she not only washes and dries my clothes, but she also steams them and
makes sure they're wrinkle free and ready to go!! The dryer takes up to 15
towels per load and has them hot and ready within 30 minutes. When you
turn her on, she lights up and makes this sweet "hello" sound. I know, like any
of you care about my washer and dryer. Oh well, she deserves a spot on the blog. :)
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