Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Jim goes hunting......

....................I am usually sad.
But when Jim told me a couple of weeks ago that he would be hunting......
I was thrilled!
You see, my very good friend Kassie {who by the way is my neighbor} informed me that her husband would be going hunting too.
What does this mean??
Craft time!!
Amber, thank you for posting this fun glittered pumpkin project on your blog! Such a great idea!
I have to say that the pictures that I took of these pumpkins look way uglier than they actually are. They look pretty darn good up close and personal!
{The finished product}
{First step: buy some small FAKE pumpkins at the dollar store. }
{Second step: Paint them brown.}
{Third step: Brush mod podge glue all over them.}

{ Last: Cover with glitter.}
[I would recommend the fine powdered glitter as it gives the pumpkins
a much more elegant look]

We are finished!!!
Seriously, what should have only taken us 2 hours to do, took us a whole 11 hours!
Remember we had 4 children under the age of 2 we were partying with.

To your surprise, I would have to say the 11 hours was worth it!
Here is what we did (besides the pumpkins):
-played with the kids
-ate this caramel apple Skor bar dip thing (we'll have a whole 'nother post on this one later)
-played with the kids
- talked and talked and talked
-ate more dip
-refereed the kids
-ate pizza with the kids
-brought in another dip - artichoke this time.
-put the kids to bed before they all killed each other
-laughed our heads off
-took ridiculous pictures (they are pure black male and probably won't be posted on this here blog)
-talked some more
All in all, we had sooooo much fun!!!!!
Look how pretty!!

I now give you the suggestion to find a fun friend to make glitter pumpkins with!
You won't be disappointed.

Now they're sitting on my counter. I can't wait for fall!

Monday, August 10, 2009

There's no place like home.

Last Friday, July 31st, our little family journeyed southward to Mesa, Arizona.

Surprisingly, my kids were angels. We left at 2 AM and arrived at 1 in the afternoon.

They slept 70% of the time. And when they were awake.........

they were happy.

Blogger is making me mad right now. Some of my pictures are insisting to stay sideways.

We stayed with Jim's mom and dad in Mesa. I don't have any current pictures of Jim and his dad, so hence my reason for taking the following picture.
On Sunday, (yes, it was the Sabbath), Jim took the kids outside to wade their little feet in the pool.

I should have guessed it would turn out like this! In Sunday clothes and everything!
My little sabbath-breakers were drenched!
While I went to my friend Cara's baby shower, Jim and his dad took Braddock to the Bass Pro Shop. If you know my son, you would know that he has a strong passion for hunting bears. I don't know where he learned that?????
Anyhow, Grandpa Epps bought him his own rifle. (Don't worry, people. It's a harmless toy).
When Braddock's great grandma came to visit, she insisted on giving it a try.

All I can say is.........awesome.

On Wednesday, our poor little Braddock came down with a high fever. Jim and his dad gave him a blessing and two minutes later, Braddock literally threw the cold cloth that was on his head onto the floor and said, "No more owies. I want to play."

The power of the priesthood is real.

While Braddock was sick, Emma mourned. She was so sad for him and insisted on laying on top of him as a way to comfort her brother. Although her intentions were good, Braddock disagreed with the whole idea.
Our final night there was spent outside at the pool (shocker). My mom came over to my in-laws and we ate pizza and visited.

I had to get a picture with them! Too bad my mascara is melting off my face!

I'm so glad we were able to go down and visit! I will be honest though when I say that there truly is no place like home! The last 8 times that Jim and I have gone down to visit, we always want to stay. This time, however, I realized where home is. I love Utah and everything about it and probably will never leave. I love the weather, the people, the patriotism, and the fact that so many of the fun events that take place here involve family and unity!
Still, Arizona holds a lot of cherished memories for both Jim and I and we will continue to keep the tradition of visiting often.
Thank you to our parents who fed us, sheltered us and let us have a fun time in Arizona!
We love you all and miss you!