Monday, May 31, 2010

The Family Room

The last few weeks I have been busy busy trying to get my basement family room put together.
I have been pleased with the way it is turning out, although I still have a lot to do! Still, it has been so much fun working on it and making it better than it was originally. I only have one before picture to post.
This chair was ugly. Actually there is 4 of them. My husband brought them home from a job and was going to take them to the dump! What the?! Yeah, I know. I told him I would give them a little TLC and they would be as good as gold.
He did not believe me until he saw this.

And this.
I bought this clock that I am in love with. I also put together this flower arrangement.
I also purchased this bookshelf at Wal-Mart. Who woulda' thought Wally World would sell such a great piece of furniture?!It's ridiculously heavy too. I still have to fill it up, but have not decided how I am going to finish it off.
Sorry about this picture - a little blurry. The table was once ugly, but I painted it red. Now, it sits underneath our tv and I'm happy to call it family.
Last but not least - This is definitely my favorite. I made a coat rack which cost me a whopping $5.00! I took a piece of barnwood from my in-law's farm, smudged it with some white paint and small hints of brown, then I screwed some hooks onto it! I can't say this was my idea though. The credit goes to my favorite friend, Kassie. Anyhow, these are just bits and pieces of my family room, but so far, SO GOOD!