Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last Week

So last week, I almost had the baby. Just kidding, but I wouldn't have blamed my body for going into labor early after all the things I did last week! This week, I am feeling the affects of it all - I'm extremely tired and sore, but happy and relieved at the same time at the fact that I got so much done.
First, let's start with baby's room. So about a month ago I painted the crib. It was originally black, but I painted it green. To make a long story short, I didn't like it. Every time I would pass the by the room, I would cringe. After many sleepless nights, I decided to just take on the task of painting the darn thing again.
So, I painted it brown.
Then I realized that it was not blending very well with the walls.
You can only guess what I did next.
Yep, I painted the walls.
To my dismay, I still was not satisfied with the look of the crib.
So......I painted it again.
This time a blue-gray color - Juniper Gray to be precise.
After three days of working on this, I finally completed the nursery and I LOVE IT!
Might I add that for the three days I slaved away in here my husband had no clue. I had to keep it a secret because I knew he would stop me if he caught me in the middle of it. You see, he doesn't like when I do things like this to myself when I'm 33 weeks pregnant.
But, when all was said and done, I opened the door to the baby's room for him to see and he was amazed.

Oh, and I also repainted the changing table......
.....and the nightstand.
(I'm pretty sure Juniper Gray is my new favorite paint color from Wal-Mart).

Now, I must tell you about my next project. It has to do with organizing the closets. Ugh! For the last year, I have completely neglected some of the closets in our home because it always has seemed so overwhelming to even think about cleaning them out. Then I went to my dear friend, Kassie's home and discovered this idea.

What?! Using a hanging shoe rack as storage for anything BUT shoes?!
Yes, please.
In the baby's room, I have things such as lotion, wipes, ties, belts, creams, powders, etc. stored in these pouches.
Using this in Braddock & Emma's room has helped to create so much space! Things like Play-do, doll accessories, crayons, action figures, magnetic letters, styrofoam bullets (we have many of these!) and ties get stored away here.
I must say, I love having order, but I never know sometimes just how to go about creating it. This has sure been a great organization tool for us!

And last but not least, Jim's 27th birthday was last week! We went out for his birthday Wednesday night, which was so much fun! I can't say we did anything over the top - just dinner, a movie and church-pant shopping, but it sure felt like a vacation to me!
We went to Red Robin, where we ordered lots of french fries with yummy fry sauce, big fat hamburgers, and chocolate shakes.
Seriously, it was heaven.
I don't know when the last time was that I ate such delicious, fattening food.
We came home that night to these little sweethearts with a miniature store-bought chocolate cake, so they could sing "Happy Birthday" to their daddy.

Regardless of the bluriness, this picture is priceless.
I sure love them.
So yes, the week was busy, but I can't complain. We crossed things off our to-do list (well, at least I did) and celebrated our favorite man's birthday!
Now, I must go and finish up our taxes. Ugh.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I think I Just Might Buy.

Lately, I have been spending some time on Etsy looking for some much needed baby items. You would think that after having two children I would be very prepared for our up-coming little one, but I'm not. Plus, I don't care how many children you've had - It is always fun to shop for baby (and for yourself).
So right now on my list of purchases is a diaper bag - one that does not actually look too diaper-baggish and can function as a purse too because I really hate carrying 50 things on my shoulder.
I found this little beauty.

And oh, how I love it! And the best part is that it is only $25!
Maybe you think it is hideous or that it has the 1980's written all over it, but I think it's adorable!
Next on my list is a diaper clutch. I didn't even know these existed until I spotted one on my sister's blog.
What an ideal item to have! It has always bothered me in the past to pull out crinkled-up diapers that look like they were once used, but they actually weren't. They were just stuffed at the bottom of the diaper bag where all of the cracker crumbs stuck to them.
Now the diapers and wipes can be contained in a cute, safe little place!
That's what I'm talkin' about.

What are your favorite baby items? I'd love to know!