Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Emma's turn.

I love her. What can I say more? She lights up our family and makes us all laugh at her randomness.
Her birthday was pretty low-key at our house. She opened up one present, which was a little dalmatian puppy (fake, by the way) which she was totally thrilled about. She kept kissing it and giggling every time it would crawl across the table.
Since her birthday was on a Sunday, she enjoyed or should I say endured three hours of church. Afterwards, we headed over to grandma's house for a little birthday party. We frosted cookies and ate some yummy cake and ice cream!
So now, Emma has been two for a couple of months and has grown to be quite the little girl.
Currently, she:
Loves moving her head to the beat of any Taylor Swift song.
Lives off a special diet of cheese, candy, chocolate milk, shrimp ?, and more cheese.
Gives very big squeezes (aka hugs).
Insists on dressing herself.
Humbly declares to anyone and everyone that she is a princess.
Prefers wearing a dress everyday of the week.
Calls people on the phone and talks incessantly until i take the phone away from her.
Loves to color and read books.
Prefers only two movies - "Babe" and "101 Dalmatians".
Finds joy in wrestling her brother, dad, and twin cousins.
Cannot go on with life without her "tee-tee" (aka blankie).

We love you, Emma and all of the funny things you say. You are a sass as well as a rough-and-tough little girl! Thanks for bringing us so much joy.

Birthdays. Let's talk about them.

Yes, lots of birthdays this year. Am I really 4 months behind? This is completely discouraging, but I am not going to surrender! I have to catch up and I have to stick with it! The last four months have confined me to history books, studying, and more studying. When I am not doing those things, I am devoting my time to my children and my husband. I still keep my eye on everyone's blogs, but the thought of me sitting down and updating my own, has seemed treacherous and unappealing. I miss it. Oh, I miss it so! So here I am again re-entering myself into the blogging world {for the 47th time}, but let us think positive!

So, let's start at the very beginning - A very good place to start. {If you can tell me what movie that is from, I will give you a big hug}.

Birthdays! Jim is up. My husband, Jim. He turned 26 in January, which means he is 4 years closer to 30. He still is my hunk and I love him!

For his special day, he went to work. Okay, so there was more to it than that. He came home that night and I told him to go get a haircut because that is what wives do when it is their husband's birthday. Then his mom came over with a present that he has ever since been in love with. Look down at the last picture to get a glimpse of it...........

It's a GPS!
He had been talking about getting one for the last year. It was highly needed as he is a contractor and travels all over the state of Utah. Let me just say that I think I was rejoicing over this gift a whole lot more than he was. If you only knew how much I enjoyed the Pre-GPS era when Jim would call me to have me look online for directions to a job site that he could not find and then trying to give him directions over the phone was quite pleasant. {I said that with much sarcasm}. Anyhow, it was a glorious experience to see Jim open up that gift.
The other gift that Jim's mom gave to us was taking the kids! Jim and I went out on the town, baby! All by ourselves! Okay, so maybe it was just to the food court at the mall and then to a movie! But hey, it was kind of a big deal.

Happy 26th Birthday, Jim. Love you.