Monday, June 9, 2008

The Offspring.

Emmalee has become quite the photogenic baby. She's growing at a speedy rate. Honestly, people always told me that once you have kids, life flies right past you. I'm beginnging to see the truth in that. Seriously, is Christmas REALLY going to be here in six months?!
I'm an old woman. :)
Anyways, I've become quite the picture-taking freak.
(When you have two really cute kids, you pretty much have no choice.)

Bright-eyed Baby
Really attractive, Em.
She must be drooling over her pretty mommy.

Then there's this little guy.
Seriously, I'm not sure what to do with him sometimes. He's 21 months, but I'm pretty sure he's hit the terrible two stage three months early. He now calls his dad , "Jim", he tells me "no" all of the time, and thinks that biting and pinching is a game. I'm not sure what to do about his behavior besides what we have already done -timeout (which has taken place approximately 45 times) and even spanked. Now I'm not saying he is the Bad Seed or anything, but I guess I've always been used to having such a sweet, loving little baby and now he's turning into a kid!
I guess he possesses a few good qualities too, but who wants to hear those :) Just kidding.
I will say that he loves to be a big brother to Em, he still cuddles and gives kisses, and he'll walk over to his crib when he is ready to take a nap. Gotta love that! He bows his head and folds his arms when we say prayers, loves to read books, and especially enjoys helping his dad do stuff around the house.
I think I imagined that when I had kids they would all be perfect because they had their one-time punishment and knew never to do bad things again. I guess that's why I have kids because
Here's the little monster on his tricycle.