Saturday, February 21, 2009

Emma Girl!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!
Emma turned the big 1 two weeks ago today! We love her so much because............
1. She is so so so loveable! When you tell her to give kisses, she'll put her mouth up to your face and will make the cutest little smacking sound with her lips.
2. She has a big strong spirit in a tiny little body. I took her to the doctor this week and she weighed a whole 15.5 pounds! She's in the 1 percentile for her weight and the 18th for her height. Her littleness doesn't prevent her from trying new things, though. She is very playful and ACTIVE! It is the funniest thing to see her pull herself up and walk around the couches because she looks like a little midget.
3. Her hair has its own personality. I've tried gel, but her hair is so thin that it makes it look NASTY-CRUSTY. When I brush it, it stays for a little while and then goes back to whatever it was doing. We call her our little apostle because she has little old man hair.
4. She's our little girly-girl. Emma loves holding baby dolls, singing (high-pitched), and cuddling. Her mannerisms are even girly! She crosses her legs all the time and rubs her feet together (like my mom does....Ha Ha!)
We don't know what we would do without our little Emma Sue in our lives. She makes everything so much sweeter.
So here's what we did for her special day.............
The morning of, I got up early and made breakfast crepes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. They were delightful and Emma was thrilled to partake of their deliciousness. (Yes, that was pretty much her birthday cake and she was happy!)
Her birthday present is what you see sitting on her tray. She needed a new sippy cup, so that is what she got. (I have learned that one year olds get excited about the smallest things). She sat in that high chair for about a half hour enjoying her gift.................

and her whipped cream. :)

Later that day, my mother-in-law came over and we went to lunch at a little restaurant here in Payson, Utah. We weren't too impressed with the service, but the company was great!

The next night, we spent at Jim's family's house to celebrate MORE birthday for Emma. So now you all don't have to fret about it - Emma got cake! AND a birthday crown!

Here's an extra picture of her for laughs! Isn't her hair hilarious?

Some other things that went on that week were............
I made another book, but this time not for me!

I made it for my sister, Jenna's birthday!!

Happy birthday, Sis! I'm grateful to have you as my sister and close friend.
This picture was taken at Gloria's Little Italy Restaurant. Delicious food!

Yea for birthdays!!!!!! Hope everyone has a happy week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friday & Monday

What about Saturday & Sunday??!! I know, I know, but I think it's best we skip over those days because I was in some weird mood - I guess you would call it EVIL. Seriously, I was so cranky and irritable and I couldn't stop crying. The most frustrating part about all of it was I could not figure out for the life of me why I felt like crawling into a little hole and living there FOREVER!! Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I just quit nursing this last month ( I know, finally!) and so I hadn't experienced something that most of you gals experience every 28 days. It's been like 2 years! It was nice to learn that my condition of sorrow wasn't permanent.
Friday was a great day because Jim and I were able to go on a date and it was sort of original! We went rock climbing with the Young Women in our ward!
Here was mine and Jim's conversation as we pulled up to The Quarry (the rock climbing place).
Me: Hey, why is this building so tall??
Jim: Uhhhh......because it's a rock climbing place.
Me: Oh. We have to climb that high up??
Jim: Um, yeah.
Me: You think we should go see a movie or something instead?
Jim: No.
Me: Okay, just thought I'd ask.

This is just a few of us. I love these girls!
And the rock climbing??? Yeah, it was hard, but making it to the top was a very proud moment for each of us! I would go again in a heart beat!
Marilee ( my favorite YW leader friend) and Kaydee.

Thasss a crazy person.

Some more crazies.

Whoa, who is that?! That harness is smokin' hot!
(One of these days Jim will ban be from blogging).

Okay, so now on to Monday!!
It didn't start off too hot. I pulled into the parking lot at the gym and when I got out of the car to get Emma, I slipped on some ice and fell flat on my back! If it were someone else that did what I did and I saw them, I probably would have laughed my head off - being the Good Samaritan that I am. By that point, I was ready to get back in the car and go home, but instead I made my way into the gym and had a great workout! Always rewarding!
Later that day, when the kids were sleeping, I made something. If you ever want a simple, yet fun project, here ya go!

Buy yourself a composition book for 97 cents at Wal-Mart, some Modge Podge glue, and pick out your favorite scrapbook paper.............

Ta Da!!!!!
I needed a book to write my daily To-Do's in, and this is what I came up with! I think I am going to incorporate these colors in my family room (when it's finished). Love them!
This definitely will be used as a YW activity.
Does anyone have any other good ideas for Modge Podging?? I'd love to hear them!