Thursday, October 22, 2009

September & October Highlights.....

I could write a novel right now if I wanted to on how busy we have been the last month, but I won't bore you.
{Here are some of our highlights} :

1. Date night with the kiddies.
Jim was super busy the last couple of months with work, which meant mom couldn't leave dad to entertain the kids for the night while I relaxed.
So what did we do?...........Built a fort! What else?!! We've been watching movies while under this fort and sometimes I was even brave enough to give my kids popcorn which always resulted in a good vacuum the next morning.
Under our fort.

2. Mom's Birthday Celebration
On the 12th of September, we flew my mom up here to celebrate her 30th birthday!! (Okay, so I edited the numbers a little bit). It was so nice to have her up here and the best part of it was..........

........We got to watch her beat a pinata!!! (I guess Sesame Street was our only choice?)
We love you, mom and can't wait to have you up here with us!

3. Spending a number of days at the park.
The weather here in Payson, Utah is pretty much celestial-like right now. It's been nice to have rainy cold days, but I sure do treasure the sunny ones too, and so do my kids! We've even gone a few times with my friend and her cute little boys.
I heart these faces.

Baby Krew: Is he not the cutest thing ever?!

4. Hayride
We headed over to the Red Barn in Santaquin where they offer a fun 10 minute hayride to their pumpkin patch! This was Braddock's birthday present from mom and dad. A tractor ride, pumpkins, and an icecream cone........what more could a kid ask for?! {Also on a side note: their maple nut icecream is divine}.

Auntie Lyssa came with!

Our family.
Isn't mine and Emma's hair awesome?

5. Birthday party for Braddock.
Jim's mom put on a lovely birthday party for Braddock!
{Braddock used a portion of the pinata as a party hat.}
Thanks, Mom for making Braddock's birthday an extra special one!

6. Adding some "fall" to our home
If you know me, you know I love the months of October through December! It means pumpkins, candles, blankets, cornbread and chili, Christmas music, sweaters, family, and putting out your festive home decor.

I love rod iron pumpkins....... wreaths and signs.....

and anything else I can find to put in my house!

7. A new calling.
Two weeks ago, Jim was called to be Elders Quorum President in our ward. This has been a calling that has kept Jim on his feet and me, once again, having lots of time with the kids to myself. In no way am I complaining! We have seen the blessings flow from the time and energy he has put into it.

Other highlights have included:
-finishing my research paper for my Human Development Lifespan course.
(it's not due til' December.....which means I'm a nerd......and also I don't have to worry about it through the holidays!)
-took the kids to see Toy Story 3-D. It was a hit! Braddock still says, "Mom, we went and saw Buzz Lightyear last night, huh?!" (he doesn't understand the concept of time yet)
-Sudying, studying, studying for my math final
-Wiping noses
-Being cautious about my diet for three weeks in a row(first time ever)
-Watching old western movies with Jim every night.
-Eating apples with peanut butter (thank you, Jenna for the brilliant idea!)
- Going to D.I. and trying on costumes
-Cleaning and organizing my unfinished basement
-Skeet shooting with the Elders Quorum
All in all, we have had a busy, yet enjoyable month!
Happy Fall, Everyone!