Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soaking up the Sunshine.

Fever, cold chills, body aches, coughing, sore throat, nausea - SERIOUSLY! I've had it all the last two days! I may sound like a horrible mother, but since I woke up this morning, I have not been able to stop thinking about putting my babies down for their afternoon nap, so I could take a snoozer myself. However, after I fed them their lunch, I realized what a gloriously BEAUTIFUL day it was and reconsidered the whole nap thing.
Change of plans:
We laid a blanket in the front yard and ran around!
I pulled Braddock's little tractors out of the shed that had been hibernating for the last 5 months and put them to good use.
Emma was in heaven!
And Braddock was so good to share with her.

Emma, on the other hand, did not want Braddock to lay a finger on the tractors. She literally makes a GOAT noise when he touches anything that she wants to play with. The little stinker!

I love this picture. One MILLION dollars.

Braddock also found a toy gun in the backyard. This kid loves guns! (Is that bad?)
His dad took him to shoot some birds, and now Braddock is always talking about going outside to shoot the birds.

Braddock later got a hold of my camera and quickly learned how to take pictures.
He decided to take a photo shoot of his mom. Pretty good aim, but not such hot pictures.

I'm singing!

Not so sure about this one.

Like I said before, Emma loved the tractors! She looks so Tom-Boy here.

So glad I changed my mind today!
Shame on me for actually considering the thought of keeping myself locked up all day from this beautiful weather!
Hope everyone else is having a sun-shiney day too!

I have a couple of videos to post on here of Braddock and Emma racing on their tractors down our slopey driveway. I'm not sure why, but I laugh so hard everytime I watch them. If only I can manage to figure out how to get them on here!