Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh What Fun!

Yesterday, after the kids and I got home from the gym, I made the decision to delegate the rest of our Tuesday as a Halloween Craft Day.
For the last two years, I have wanted to make these adorable bats that I spotted on my cousin's blog back in 2008, but because I somehow managed to consume my time in other things, I never got around to it.
So yesterday, I loaded the kids in the car, headed to the dollar store, bought some craft supplies (and don't forget a few bags of Halloween candy!),
and then ventured back home to take on the task of crafting with two little ones.
We all changed into some old clothes and painted away.
I must say, I was completely taken back by how well-behaved my kids were and how well they did in participating!
It sure made for a happy and proud mommy.
{sorry for the sideways picture. Blogger is not doing its job right now.}
Look at them painting away!

And how CUTE did these turn out?!

Now all we need are some pumpkins!

Want to make some yourself? Here is the link.

Happy Halloween!