Monday, July 30, 2007

So This Past Week...........

What a week!! My sister Jenna and I decided to take a stroll up Provo Canyon with the boys on Friday and discovered that the walk up the trail was more of a HIKE for us. The weather was alright though (better than Arizona's) and we got a special treat on our way back down - SHAVED ICE!! The adventure became even more thrilling when we sat down to eat our treats and Jenna had about 50 Box Elder bugs crawling all over her! I freaked out and then she went bazookas - Me, having never seen a box elder bug before, was quite hesitant to get them off of her, but I finally decided she was worth risking my life for.
(Above) Braddock and Jackaroo just chillin'
Frumpy, pregnant me and the babe

Look at the little twinners . I love them!! Unfortunately, I had to crop Jenna out of the picture because she swears she looks like a man. It's untrue.

Well here's a random arm for ya!! Actually, this arm has a very special device attached to it - A Sea Band! I'm embarrassed to say this, but I have some too. I'm not sure why they are called sea bands, but they're used to help eliminate nausea. I know women with morning sickness who have sworn by them, so after much dry heaving and a lot of vomiting I decided to go purchase some myself. You just put them on your wrists and push down on your pressure point and within two to five minutes, you're good to go............. NOT! That's only a lie and a half. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work. Screw sea bands.

The best part of little guy. On Saturday, I was quite sick, so grandma Partridge took care of him. I missed him so much, even though he was gone for only a few hours. When I went to go get him, I found him wearing this sweet shirt - "Drool is Cool". I think Braddock believes it. If you knew Braddock, you would understand. He has been teething since he was two weeks old. I've never taken a dry shirt off of him. You can even see how wet it is in the photos! He's really cute though, so he can drool all he wants.

Look at those long eyelashes. Pretty boy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jenna Holmes - This post is dedicated to you.

Some of you may read this and think that I seriously need to get a life. But I just had to let my sister know that I am done with the whole background thing. No more polkadots, flowers, or bright annoying colors - I'm done changing my background. I have come to the conclusion that black is a fantastic background to stick with (thank you Cara and Jenna). Your blogs have been an inspiration to me (wipe a tear) even though it took me a while to figure that out.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can You Say WHITE TRASH?!!

Let me try to explain. Saturday afternoon, all of the neighbor kids showed up at our house wanting to play. Not with me, but with Jim. My husband is always in the backyard with them having a barbeque, making smores, having water fights, etc. (he even made a tire swing for them). Saturday, however, Jim went to the extreme. He took some plastic sheeting and dish soap and made a slip n' slide. Now I'm fine with that. They all looked like they were having a fantastic time. I watched them play for a bit and then went back inside to do some laundry. When I came back out, I almost started crying (The picture above explains why)
Jim "designed" an above-ground swimming pool!!! He flipped our trampoline upside-down and wrapped it in the plastic sheeting. You may be wondering how the sheeting stayed on or you may not, but I will tell you anyway. He securely fastened it with rope. So awful.
To Top it off, look at the picture below!!

Yes, Jim was too lazy to hold Braddock, so he put Braddock in his walker and set him in the pool.
All I can say is : If your backyard looks like the Epps Family's, you might be a Redneck. It's pretty much a guarantee. :)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our Family Farm Tragedy

You may be wondering what in the world this is a picture of. This is my husband's family
farm in Spanish Fork, UT. Yesterday morning at 4:30, my in-laws woke up to a window
scene of blazing flames and a bunch of explosions. Apparently, some arsonists (aka A-Holes)
decided to pour gasoline around their haybarn and inside their vehicles. They lost a ton of
stuff including: well.....all of their hay (800 tons), a motor home, all of their 4 wheelers, a jeep,
a service truck, a loader, and many other things. There were 7 different city fire
departments there as well as every news station. It took until 7:00 at night to move all of the
hay into another field. This morning, they encountered 3 more fires in the field because the
hay was smoldering. Their expecting this to continue throughout the week. To see more on