Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You can't top this!

Last night I put Sesame Street on for Braddock. Okay, okay, Jim and I watched it too. I just had to show you this video. If you only knew how passionate Braddock is about tools. He was in awe! This video is hilarious.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots to boast.....I mean POST about.....

So I've been completely pathetic when it comes to blogging. One thing that TOTALLY drives me crazy is when I click on someone's blog and the same post is showing for 4 weeks straight. Come on people! Don't you know I look at your blog everyday? Then I remember that it's been about four weeks since I've updated....oops. So here ya go!

These are my precious babies all in brown. I love them OH SO MUCH!
One thing that I haven't had to worry about, is Braddock trying to hurt her. He's so gentle with her and very protective of his little sister. Everytime he sees her, he puts his hand to his chest and says, "Oh."
Isn't he precious? I told him we couldn't go OUTSIDE, a word that Jim and I have to spell now when we are around him.
This is his reaction when I say NO to going outside. Sad. Okay, I'm not that bad of a bad mom. We usually spend two hours outside on average everyday. Onto happier things......look at her! Isn't she beautiful?! Thanks, Cara for the headband. :)Emmalee is so alert and very responsive. She loves to smile and coo and kick her legs. The only problem I am having is trying to get a picture of her smiling. Everytime I hold up the camera, she just stares at it in awe. Hmmmmm.......what should I do about that?
Here's a little smile. This was after church on Mothers Day.
Pretty blue eyes.
Saturday night, I gave Emmalee a bath which she ABSOLUTELY LOVES. She talks and kicks so much, water gets EVERYWHERE. I had to get some pictures of her in her duckie towel afterwards. But once again, she won't even QUACK a smile.
Sorry, that was stupid, but I had to say it.

Also, Jim and I finally finished the dining room and kitchen. I should have posted BEFORE and AFTER pictures, but I only have the AFTERS.
We painted all of the exterior doors black which makes a total difference! I love it. Something that I'm not really in love with though, is the picture and center piece. Jim bought them at Kirklands home store a year ago to go in our dining room, but I think I want something that looks a little more Pottery Barnish. Any suggestions?
Here's our new kitchen. We put in stainless steel appliances and new countertops.
And THIS is my new tile floor! Love it!
And THIS is my car that I wrecked on Saturday. I was taking the back roads from Spanish Fork to Payson and came across a sharp turn. Don't ask me how I can be so incredibly stupid. I think it just comes natural. I didn't see the person at the stop sign and somehow managed to hit her car. The day before I was bragging to Jim that I've never been pulled over or been in an accident that was my fault.
I'll just keep my mouth shut from now on.