Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Blessing

On May 8th, our little Dawson was given a baby blessing by his dad.
It was a wonderful day to have all of our family together, and I mean TOGETHER.
It was a very cold and wet day, so all 40+ of us huddled in our home!

This day was also Mother's Day, so I really lucked out being able to celebrate the blessing of our newest addition AND honoring the beauty of motherhood.

I took a whole 2 PICTURES that day - they're the ones you see right below this. Before I could even get myself out of the car, Jim had already taken his suit jacket off. Oh, how I love my Jim.

The blessing that Jim gave to Dawson was very special. Two things that I distinctly remember him blessing him with were:
The desire to always put others first
To always bring honor to Heavenly Father's name and to his family's.

Dawson, I hope these blessings will always be instilled within you.

We sure are proud to have this little man in our home!