Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 is the Magic Number

Before our latest bundle of joy arrived, I was convinced that raising three children would be quite simple. (I guess you can call me an idiot).
I was so wrong!
I've definitely got my work cut out for me and then some!

I thought I would post some pictures of the little ones throughout the last couple of months while I share with you some of the things that I have learned about being a mother of three.

1. Eating out is awesome.
2. Heading out to the post office (which is like .25 miles away from my house) is kind of a big deal.
3. Getting ready for the day is overrated.
4. Wearing tennis shoes anywhere and everywhere I go is a must.
5. The grocery store is a dreaded place to be with three kids. Especially when your oldest trips on the cart and then mommy runs him over with it.
5. My house never looks clean until 9 PM .
6. Taking pictures of all three of them at once is a joke.
7. A 32 oz Diet Dr Pepper from Conoco can rid you of all of your troubles.
8. Children know they can get away with anything when mommy is nursing.
9. It is super hard to lose weight.
10. Having my kids dressed and ready for the day before 10 o'clock is rare.
11. The laundry somehow has multiplied itself by like 100.
12. Locking your kids outside isn't such a bad thing anymore. In fact, I kind of like it.

13. Prayers are more important than ever.

14. The love in our home is overflowing.

Despite the challenge that I am faced with daily, I sure am grateful for the joy these little ones bring to our home!
To those of you who are considering having a third, I hope I didn't scare you - it really is so much fun!


Breck and Nan said...

wow i am seriously scared for three! and i have been since the beginning of this pregnancy... but there's no going back now!

Jenna said...

In fact, I am considering it in the near-ish future. like 2 or 3 years off. You don't scare me because I know you're a tough girl and you can handle anything! Isn't it wonderful how little ones are so so so cute and beautiful so that they are easy to love??? :) Your family is presh.

Marilee said...

Your kids are so dang adorable!!! Yes, the world of 3 is different, but doable. (you do have a neighbor who would be glad to take a couple of kids off your hands so you may have a little breather).

Natalie said...

shoot, i'm scared now!

actually, you are SO right! 5 was our killer. it was undescribably overwhelming.

but you are such a good mom, and those kiddos are so blessed to have you. as long as they grow up in love and truth....they'll turn out just fine...and so will you!

Mallory Hoop said...

Your family is so gorgeous! I am pregnant with our {combined} third baby! We only have our oldest about half time though, so maybe that doesn't count! hehe So happy for you!

dani said...

I feel the same way one about pretty much all of those and I only have one! I can't imagine having 3 at this point, although I know it will happen. :) Your kids are so dang cute!

Michelle McClure said...

WOW! That is my life to the "T"! Except if I am gonna drink caffeine I want straight Pepsi. Caffeine and sugar.

Losing weight? What's that? I am stuck at a size 12 and am pretty sure I always will be. : (